Discover Your Cinematic Voice | Our New Slogan

We quietly updated the Hidden Woods slogan a few weeks ago. In all honesty, we didn’t plan to change it out of indifference for our old one, but rather because we found ourselves becoming increasingly aware of the real value we bring to our clients.

Discover Your Cinematic Voice

We’ve never been a “show up and shoot” production company. Being thoughtful about the creative decisions we’re making has always been a core tenant of the Hidden Wood’s philosophy. Helping people discover what their brand looks like, sounds like, and feels like in a cinematic context is fundamental to our mission - and that process begins long before we step on set.

We’re here to match cinematic principles to your brand’s voice, so when your audience is watching your content, they know it came from you long before your logo drops. For us, this means tailoring every creative decision we’re making to your identity - from scripting to casting to lensing to color to sound design to pacing, and so much more - separating you from your competitors in a definitive way.

We want to make the days you're working with us the favorite days of your week. This process is a joy, and the more you lean into it, the better your content becomes.

So, let’s discover your cinematic voice, together.

By Aidan Sëan McCarthy

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