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From concepts to scripting and storyboards, we do it all. By combining our limitless creativity with thoughtful strategy, we transform ideas into cinematic experiences.


We create content with a clear vision. With our experienced crews and the best equipment in the industry, we take video production to the next level.


This is where we bring your story to life. Through dynamic editing, immersive sound design, and tasteful motion graphics, we deliver high-quality, commercial content with a pulse.

Our Philosophy

Your video content should look, sound, and feel like your brand. At Hidden Woods Film Co., we don’t just show up and shoot. We dive into the depths of your brand, learn what makes you tick, unearth your untold stories, and produce video content in a style and tone that distinguishes you from your competition. Let’s discover your cinematic voice, together.

Discover Our Story
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The demand for video content is greater than ever before.

With an estimated 82% of all consumer web traffic being video, producing engaging video content is crucial to staying relevant and building brand awareness across online and broadcast channels.

Don’t get left behind—create content that’s worth watching. We help innovative brands produce compelling videos that connect with their audience, communicate their message, and stand out in a sea of competitors.

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Get Started

Get started with the Hidden Woods team to discuss your project objectives and discover how we can help.


Receive Your Proposal

You’ll receive a custom proposal with recommendations on how to achieve your goals, along with pricing and timelines so you know exactly what to expect and when.


Discover Your Cinematic Voice

We get to work handling the creative, production, and post to deliver compelling video content that tells your brand’s story and communicates your message.

Discover behind-the-scenes looks, video tips, and more on the Hidden Woods Blog.