In the studio and in the wild.

At Hidden Woods Film Co., we’re at home both in the studio and out in the field. We’ve conducted hundreds of shoots across the globe in just about every location imaginable. With our own equipment and crews, we turn ideas into reality through the highest standards of production.

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Reliable Production Crews

Forget unreliable crews with unprofessional attitudes. Whether your production requires a 3-person team or a 20-person team, we’ve got you covered. Our sets are professional, efficient, and most importantly—memorable. We don’t just capture unforgettable moments, we create them.

Production Roles
In-house Director
In-house Director of Photography
Assistant Directors
1st ACs
2nd ACs
DIT/Data Wranglers
Grip and Electric
Sound Mixers
Art Directors
Line Producers
UAV Certified Drone Pilots
Wardrobe Supervisor
Production Assistants
Location Scouts

The Right Equipment

With our own lights, cameras, drones, and a fully-equipped van, we’re ready to roll whenever you are. Our in-house gear and equipment mean cost-savings for our clients and the ability to create a kit to fit every project and budget.

Camera & Lens Packages
RED Gemini 5k
RED Raven 4.5k
Zeiss OTUS Lens Set (28, 55, 85)
Cinemod Leica Summilux-R Lens Set
(24, 28, 35, 50, 90, 135)

Camera Support
Sachtler Flowtech Tripods
Dana Dolly Rental Kit
Easyrig Vario 5
DJI Ronin RS2

DJI Mavic Pro 2
DJI Inspire 2 + X7

Sound Mixing
Sennheiser MKH-50
Sennheiser MKH-416
Shure Hardwired Lavalier Mics
Sony Wireless Lavalier Mics
Zoom H6

Grip & Electric
1.5-ton Grip Van
Arri HMI
Fiilex Q5
Rotolight Titan X2
Aputure 300d
Aputure 600d
Aputure 1200d
Litemat Plus 4

Powerful Storytelling

Storytelling is our speciality. We’re driven by telling honest, human stories that connect with viewers and communicates your message.

Dynamic Cinematography

We make magic by combining technical expertise with the art of filmmaking. Forget flat, boring commercials; we produce striking images designed to immerse audiences into your brand’s story.

Clear Communication

No more unanswered emails that leave you in the dark. We keep you updated and informed at all times so you know exactly what’s happening and when.

Streamlined Process

Video production is a meticulous process. Leave the details to us. After years in the industry, we’ve developed an efficient workflow that ensures we always deliver on-time and on-budget.

If you are looking to hire someone, hire them.

From watching their work with other companies and knowing what they have done for mine, I can honestly say they are one of the best. Their work is able to portray your message in a creative way that entices and excites the viewer.

—Madeleine P.