Farming for Stories in Mancos, Colorado

We get asked to create all sorts of projects in this business. We’ll go from a commercial production one week, to a documentary-style piece the next, corporate video production, educational video, the works. Most anything video production related we can (and do) accomplish. Sometimes though, we get a phone call that we know has potential to turn into something special, a piece of work that will push us creatively, visually, and take some genuine storytelling.

David and myself went to Durango (well, Mancos technically) last week to shoot a short documentary project for Conservation Colorado with a local farmer down there. Conservation Colorado is the largest environmental nonprofit organization in the state, working hard to push legislation, inspire grassroots efforts, and spread knowledge and action about conservation and the environment. It’s this, the meaning behind the project, that inspired us to work so hard to create something great for them. It’s truly not often that we get to do something creative that is so representative of our values, furthering a mission that we are proud to be a part of.

We spent two days shooting down at The Wiley Carrot Farm, sunup to sundown (living our own farmer life). Beyond the interviews, the storytelling, the sunset shots, we got more than great content. I really developed some new friendships and rekindled my belief in conservation and environmental activism while we were down there. Leaving a shoot feeling inspired by the subject we are filming stirs our creativity, putting the onus on us to produce something worthy, something meaningful.

This isn’t one of our ‘new client profiles’ or a how to. I suppose I’m really just writing this to express some gratitude and convey my excitement to produce something with some real weight behind it. Hopefully this piece not just serves our client well, but can help advance a cause that we at Hidden Woods really believe in. Check out the final video here.

By David Stewart

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