Meet Maya: The Newest Addition To Our Team

Growing up, my dream job aspirations ranged from the President to a Britney Spears’ backup dancer. It wasn’t until 8th grade when our class had to choose a job to shadow I had even thought about an actual career path. That was when I decided to job shadow my local news station’s female anchor, and after seeing these adults living a life surrounded by cameras sparked the flint of desire inside of me – I knew what I wanted to do. Of course, over the following couple of years, little changes took path, and I ended up in film. And to this day I’m still finding new jobs within film that I would love to do, and I think that’s good to figure out what you want to do based on who you are at each point in your life.

I moved out to Denver after I graduated from Indiana University in May 2015. While in college, I interned at Blink Productions, which is an internationally award-winning British commercial and music video production company in London. I also interned for the PBS affiliate station, WTIU, where I produced, wrote, edited and acted in a segment I created called “Roadtrippers”, which showed kids cool parts of Indiana that they might not have heard of. At the end of my four years, I was asked to be a guest judge on IU’s campus for that nation-wide Campus Movie Fest.

After finishing college, I packed all my belongings in my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, and headed out west. In the year that I’ve been out here, I’ve gotten the incredible opportunity to work with a number of pretty cool clients. Some of my favorites are Merrell, Discovery ID, DISH, GMC, Kellogg’s, Ace Hardware, and Colorado Department of Transportation. I’ve also gotten the opportunity to work on two features: “Stadium Anthems” and “Amateur” – a Netflix Original/Sundance Labs production. On “Amateur”, I had the immense opportunity to work as the 2nd 2nd Assistant Director.

After only a year of being here, I’m so excited to start working with this wonderful group of men and artists. Hidden Woods Media is a fast-growing production company who have stayed true to their creative dream despite the twists and turns of opening a new business. Their optimism and drive to become a lasting commercial production company is one that I aspire to and respect. Today is truly the beginning of a new adventure in my life.

By David Stewart