New Client Profile: Prologis

While things have been busy at Hidden Woods Media the last few months, one of our most consuming projects hasn’t even ended up on the website. Back in March, Hidden Woods Media was hired by Prologis as a multimedia consulting firm to develop content for an interactive display that they would be using for investor presentations.

What does all that mean? Well, Prologis – an international commercial real estate agency – has begun using a technology known as Liquid Galaxy to showcase their facilities and tell their story to an audience of investors. Rather than producing videos for the presentation, we’ve been developing scripts which take the viewer through Google Earth tours of important markets and Prologis buildings while simultaneously utilizing motion graphics, stock video and sound to create an engaging experience. The whole point is to make viewers really feel like they’re there. And because Liquid Galaxy is a curved display consisting of seven vertical 1080p monitors, it’s difficult to replicate the experience on a webpage.

Hidden Woods Media was hired as the creative agency to develop the content for the display. It’s a bit of a mixture of video production, graphic design, marketing and animation and we’re excited to continue to push the immersive storytelling capabilities of this technology.

To learn more about Prologis, click here.

By David Stewart