Our most recent client, the Colorado Cross Country Skiing Association, came to us looking for a video very similar to the project we created for Denver Mountain Guiding last spring. In order to meet their needs and simultaneously push ourselves toward higher end productions, we chose to produce this video in more of a commercial style, rather than the run and gun style employed for the Denver Mountain Guiding video.

In order to pull off a video in the narrative style, planning is the name of the game. After finishing up a draft of the script and meeting with our creative team, we put together a shot list and sat down with our good friend Brian Napier to create storyboards (by the way, Brian also does really cool artwork. See a video we made of him putting together a sculpture below).

These storyboards help us to visualize exactly what we need to shoot when we’re out in the field, so we don’t end up wasting time making last minute decisions. Since time is always tight (no matter what the production is), this is an extraordinarily helpful step in creating the best video possible.

We’re really looking forward to shooting CCCSA’s video, and are sure that the storyboards are going to help it look as sharp as possible.

By David Stewart